Crashing problem



hello, long time no problems and now this.As i am trying to backup no country for old men DVD Fab opens and crashes just when i want to hit backup movie only.I have newest version,tried the last beta too-no result.Please help.I have sent a crash report which was generated automatically.Thanks for all the good work. Kostas


Hi kostas
Works OK with other movies? Could the disc be dirty/scratched/bad? I backed this title up with an earlier version with no problem.


Hi back,no bad disc,no scratches but it backs now up at full disc with 58 percent of quality only.Neverteheless better than nothing.I never had problems before with backing up.


You can try Customize mode, then check Remove Menus after you click Next. Make sure you have PathPlayer enabled.


Hi kostas_d,

The crash report you submitted is empty, could you please try again and send report again to us?


Best Regards,


ok fengtao.


just sent crash report again, as i see it is not empty.