Crashing in Nero while transcoding!

Please can you help?

When my mate tries to burn a downloaded film in Nero Vision it keeps crashing during the transcoding of files and never reaches the burning stage.

His operating system is windows Vista Ultimate

Current dvd writer is the Samsung SH-S182M with lightscribe

The current nero software is Nero 7 Premium update V 10.1.0

Anyone come across this before?

What do you mean by (burn a downloaded film) What is the file extention? What film is it?

Mate downloads a film. Then has to transcode it before burning. Any film, it does not matter. Nero keeps crashing after about 20 mins of transcoding!

Video encoding (even transcoding) is pretty demanding on a computer. Two things I’d suspect first: CPU overheating and memory errors. Of course, it could just be a Nero “feature.”

Is the machine Orthos stable?

Hi tropic: If it were the CPU overheating it just wouldn’t be the program crashing, it would be the whole computer, wouldn’t it.?:confused:

What about free disk space. NeroVision requires a minimum of 10GB , preferably more like 15GB.

Oops. I had the idea that his machine was crashing, not just the app. Still possible reasons, but not as likely as a Nero bug or requirement going unmet.

Post a log.
And BTW, it does matter what film.

You should read the forum rules AGAIN.

You are correct chef it does matter but the OP chose not answer my questions.:disagree:

That is a bad sign, to say it denfendable…

I always give the OP the benefit of the doubt. It could a download of any sort.:o

Tue, possibilities are incredible. :wink:

BTW, did you read my reply in the “german section”?

I was so embarrassed because I had no idea if my post was on-topic or off-topic, I did not want to post again. But I do thankyou chef it was very nice of you to translate that for me. I appreciate it.:iagree:

I think that I may be having a similar problem.

I am using Nero 8 and vision 5, with WXP for OS. I am trying to burn a VCD slide show of pictures with music as I have done before with nero 7. When I do so it says the following;

I have read a few things and have tried the following;
going into the default and making shure it is at NTSC, then I disabled the nero smartencoding.

This does not work.
Can anyone help please.

I have EXACTLY the same problem.

It happens when transcoding AVI files (XVID and DIVX) and possibly others.

Nero Vision begins working and terminates after a random interval.

No other applications are affected.

When minimized to the tray it can terminate and still stay in the tray until the mouse passes over it, when it just vanishes.

It is NOT running in TaskManager.

Nero Vision is a real resource hog and often wants over 90% of my CPU despite the settings chosen.

It terminates as soon as another program grabs some CPU and keeps it for longer than Nero Vision decides it has had enough.

I have over 100G free on a 1T Drive and oodles of free RAM.

I’m running Win XP with all the latest updates, Roger’s Online Protection for AV and Firewall and Ad-ware for spyware.

Mostly I use FireFox but it happens without being online and also when only IE is running.

FYI: I switched the priority to LOW and it hasn’t crashed since (4 times) but it did crash several more times on NORMAL and BELOW NORMAL.

If it does crash on LOW I will post an update.

It just crashed on LOW. aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggg

If you are doing a 2-pass transcode, try knocking it back to single pass. I had one file that would always fail on 2-pass, but then when I used single pass, it worked fine.

Also, Nero support was totally useless in figuring out ANYTHING.

Thanks, but I am doing a single pass. Sorry for not mentioning that. I’ve also tried toggling all the switches with no success (ie: with and without each option and all the combinations). If the burned disc doesn’t work on my DVD player then I don’t use them again - but any settings that do work on my DVD all cause silent crashes from time to time. I’m finding the low setting will work 1 of every 4 times but my Normal setting has crashed the last 4 or 5 times I tried so I’ve given up on it.

Nero support is for idiots. If you are an idiot Nero support might just solve your problem (like checking that your computer is plugged in). Non-idiots will find no help there.

I’d switch to Windows Movie Maker but it seems to turn my movie into dozens and dozens of parts and I’m not interested in spending hours setting things up when I’m only burning one or two movies.

Can anyone recommend a straightforward alternative that WORKS?

I have had this happen as well, it’s true as others have stated that you do need a fair amount of memory to use Nero Vision. I have never found an actual cause for the crash. The only option I know of is to uninstall/reinstall Nero since Ahead foolishly does not provide a repair option for their software.