Crashed firmware toshiba SD-2502(used update on cdfreaks)

dear people

i got dis biggggggg problem
i had problems reading dvds…my drive didnt read any dvds at all
np with normal cds and audio cds…
so i decided 2 flash the firmware of my toshiba SD-2502 laptop dvd-rom drive

after the flash i rebooted and windows didnt recognize it anymore
then i tried again the flash program in dos showed me the version it is upgraded
than the 3rd tiem my bios didnt recoqnize the drive anymore
when i boot i get an error and the dos flash program dont see the drive anymore

is there any option to get my drive working??
i read a bit about a swap trick

i really need my dvd drive :frowning:
pls help me out

thanks in advance

still no1 who knows sumthing?

What was your drive’s original version and what version did you flash to?

You may have used an incorrect firmware and now your drive is set to the wrong IDE location. Take a look at this: Fixing a misflashed Toshiba drive in notebooks