Crash when calling BurnIsoAudioCD twice




I am having a problem with Nero ( using COM, under C#, Visual Studio 2003.

When I call BurnIsoAudioCD a second time from my application, there is a crash. The first time is always OK.

Are there “cleanup” operations that must be executed before calling BurnIsoAudioCD a second time on a NeroDrive object? Should I release some COM interfaces explicitly ? Can I write the same NeroIsoTrack object twice, or should I create a new one ?

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There shouldn’t be a problem in reusing the objects but you may try always creating the new NeroIsoTrack and see if it helps.



I was wrong, the crash occurs when I call EstimateTrackSize after I have called BurnIsoAudioCD. (In my “Burn()” method, I show some size information in my status list before calling the BurnIsoAudioCD method).

This is quite an annoying problem, because in my application, I defined an ActiveDrive variable, which is a NeroDrive object that is alive for the duration for the application. After I have written a CD once, I cannot call EstimateTrackSize on the ActiveDrive variable anymore.


It is hard to say anything without some code to try out. Can you please build a small project that reproduces the problem?