Crash Problem In Found

If you’re in Main Movie mode and you hit the start button immediately, DVDFAB Platinum will crash asking you to fill out yet another crash report. This happens ONLY in Main Movie mode. :confused:


Thank you very for the bug report, we will fix it in next version.

I cannot duplicate this failure. When I click “start” in Main Movie it begins the copy process normally.

hi, signals

In MainMovie, when there are not any souce in source list, click “Start”, app will crash.

I never would have thought to try to start with no source!
Perhaps a more graceful reminder to select a source is needed!!! :bigsmile:

Thank you, Ting.

I thought about that too but the program shouldn’t crash doing a simple operation. I should have indicated that it does this without a DVD inserted. That’s why I posted. :slight_smile:

If it does it with no DVD inserted :doh:

Doesn’t that mean there is no source :confused:


Yes but it would appear that the program will still allow you to click the start button to begin a backup & this causes the crash.

From using other programs the Start/Begin/Next button does not usually become active until a source disc (or source files if from HDD) has been found.

I remember some versions would give a message box that no source selected, if start was selected before choosing a source but I soon learned to make sure source & target were selected and recognized before clicking on start.


This is exactly the type of more graceful reminder I referred to in my post.
Clicking Start with no source is not a simple operation, it is a non-defined operation, like dividing by zero. Yes, it should protect itself from this error and Ting said they would fix it. Easy to avoid the problem in the meantime.