Crash On Burn

I have issues… I am using a Sony CD-RW CRX140E - The problem is that it is locking up everytime I attempt to burn music or anything to it… I have tried both CD Mate and Sony CD Extreme (latest download from Sony) This Burner has successfully worked in the past but I have not burned very many disks. I just ran a “Cleaner” disk to rule out a dirty lens … but still no luck… The couple of partial music cd burns before lock up sound ok with the exception of some Sharp Short Static sounds … I don’t know if that means anything…

So the question is do I have a problem with software or is the CD-RW drive just giving up???

it only happens when you burn music??
What windows do you use? What speed do you burn??

Tru reinstall your software…and install aspi drivers

I have gone back to Windows 98… had too many programs and hardware that didn’t like XP … I havn’t tried to burn much… some data files… I did successfully back up some of my software with Clone CD but have never had much luck burning Music… the Max Speed with this Sony CDR is only 8x … I have tried it as slow as 1-1 and that is the only way that it even comes close… and even then it has the 'Sharp Static Glitches" I have shut down all start up programs… and Virus protect… re-installed all but Clone-CD and just downloaded aspi 4.6 and installed… This CDR is a Refurb and I have had it for over 1 1/2 years… so am I just beating my head against a wall and is there any way to test the CDR itself…?? If you were to recomend a good Cheep replacement… there is a CD-RW DVD at a local Computer Ren for $150 but I am sure it is not a top of the line unit…

Thanks for your help… I would rather not buy a new unit if this is a software issue.

Try the demo Feurio or use EAC…then can do tests of the audio capabilities of your drive.

Ok. Heres a couple of questions. The static is coming from the music cd’s?? Those good actaully come from the mp3 as the rip is not probably done or corrupted.

This burner has worked fine for sometime??

If it locks up when you write music or data to it, There could be a driver issue, but you said you put 98 back on it cause of compatility with XP. If you are still gettting problems with the drive after you have tried the aspi, reinstall of windows, and everything else you can think of I would say that the drive might be dying on you.
Oh btw way when you go to put a cd, do you hear a clicking noise when the drive tray slides back in? If you do that means that there a problem with the drive, And not all the times this click will happen. I have one of the same type of burners that you have and had a problem similiar to yours. Is the drive under warranty because if it is take it back (if you can).

Do you have a friend with a computer? You can put in there pc and see if it does the same thing or go to a local store and ask them to do a test burn…

Hopes this helps