Crash, Freeze when trying to uninstall Plug and Play Bios Extension



A few days ago I updated Alcohol which meant I had to uninstall all the drivers and registry entries which were vax347b.sys and fake347b.sys I made sure every last trace of these were deleted before i uninstalled the actual program now ive installed the new version it all works fine even the virtual drive but everytime windows starts it tries to install plug and play bios extension drivers, I go through with it but at the end it says something along the lines of “A service section of the inf is invalid” so I go into device manager and I have 2 Plug and Play bios extensions both leading to vax347b & fake347b they both have the exclamation mark over them so I try to uninstall them and my system just hangs leading to a reboot even when I disable them it still trys to install drivers.

I have tryed everything in every thread related to this and nothing works :doh: I also have daemon tools 4.06 which works fine.

Please could someone help me :sad:


Hi As you have updated your version, i would suggest you contact us at Alcohol soft directly as we may requier information to help us resolve your problem that would not be prudent to post here in an open forum