Crash at 83%

As described on previous thread (Crashes at 83% ver. 1.1.1?) I have had the same problem with Cosmos Disc 3.

If I copy the features separately, everything is fine.

If I use whole disc copy, the program crashes at 83%.

The other 6 discs copied without error.

I tried making the destination size 7 gigs just to see if it was a file that caused the crash, it finished without error.

If I try to make it smaller than 6.8 gigs, it crashes.

I doesn’t make any difference which ripper you use.

Any input would be appreciated.

Does anyone know if version 1.1.3 solves this problem?



I think you should rename the title of this thread to indicate that it is only with cosmos disc 3. Dvd2one works fine for the vast majority of titles,cosmos is unique. we dont want to wrongly lead people to believe that there is a particular bug with Dvd2one. Even though i own dvd2one,dvd95copy,IC and dvdshrink, my first choice when backing up a disc is always dvd2one.

I also think we would be more likley to get a produtive response on the doom9 forum,there are a lot of folks there that know a great deal about this stuff.