Crappy image quality from captured video

Got a wonderful new sony DVD camcorder. can play recorded images directly from the camera DVD with great image quality. Capture video with Nero 7 and brn to DVD. No matter what I do the image on the burned DVD is substantially inferior to that played directly from the camcorder disc. Image defect is jittery edges on fast moving images.

Have tried copying the DVD disc burned in the camcorder dorectly but can’t get it to work. It will play in the computer fine but when I try to access the disc for copying the computer doesn’t recognize the disc. (I have copied commerical DVD’s with Nero)

per previous advice I have tried varying the interlace default. I can make it worse but not better. Have also tried several different media but always get the same problem.

any suggestions??

How are you capturing? Direct from Video Camera via Firewire? Do not user NERO. It sucks for video capture, editing, or encoding. What format are you capturing in (AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2)? You talk about edges of the video being bad. Is this when viewed on the PC, or on the TV. Your PC image is not what will appear on your TV. Take a look at, and read the capture forum, and read the guides and tutorials for capturing, editing, and authoring video. Your captured/reauthored/edited video, should look every bit as good as your original, if you do the right things.

Spot on, harley2ride! Good advice.