Crappy Burns w/ MCC004 on LH-20A1P

Look at these scans. I’ve a ton of MCC004 to burn in -ROM, they’re my favorite combo. Been doing it with my DW1650 flawlessly on this computer, now this with my new Liteon. Did get some decent burns on Playo -R, though. Thinking of returning it…

What scans? :wink:

Oh I see it. Run a TRT test for several seconds, then start the scan again. The high spike is something to do with the drive spinning up IIRC.

I thought the same thing but it did appear after a minute or so! :wink:

@smata67: There have been some improvements in scanning as well as burning and other fixes in later firmware, so perhaps you should consider upgrading to KL0M and try the scan again?

:iagree: yes upgrade f/w

I have some other bad scans on MCC004, having upload issues (.bmp), I’m rescanning. I have had ok burns on both playo -R and Ritek R03 (Arita). Not great, but decent. Seems the better the media, the worse the scan. Will update to newer firmware. Should I also install Solidburn utility?

SmartBurn, and yes I suggest you do. It’s not really an installation though - only a single executable file.

You might as well give it a good test drive :slight_smile: It will not void your warranty :disagree:

And save to .png :slight_smile:

Bad scan…Good scan…

All burns by the way were done at 8x. Here is one after firmware and smartburn install. I have to say that over 100 burns with DW1650 I never saw stuff like this.

Okay those results looks about like PAP6 MCC004 disc scan results. Look at the media code
on the disc and see if it starts with PAP6 or PAPA if it is PAP6 that is why you’re getting such
bad results with the MCC004 discs. I have actually thrown away/given away around 200-300
brand new MCC004 PAP6 discs because of the crappy burns I got with them after the first 50
that I tried to burn in my three Liteon burners. I still have somewhere around 250-350 or more
Verbatim MCC004 discs to go thru and check to see if they are PAPA or the crappy PAP6 discs.
When I find a cakebox with the PAP6 code :a I either just throw them in the garbage can or give/
sell them to someone else to see if they can burn them and save the PAPA MCC004 discs for myself. :iagree:

Some units of 20A1P hate 8X scanning , 4X or even 16X gave me more “accurate” scans (if there is such thing :wink: )
Try 4X and 16X scanning , but I really doubt it would improve the overall quality , it will just get rid of spikes or PIF blocks at the beginning of the scan and maybe at the end too .
I also think you have the PAP6 variety of Verbatim media or even a so-so PAPA batch

The disks are PAPA. I’m on the trail for BenQ, I thought that they weren’t available at all, but it appears there are some rebadged units still about.

G’day all,

I am also experiencing very poor results with MCC 004 with my LH-20A1P (actually LiteON LH-18A1P@BenQ DW2000). Here’s a scan…

P.S. I believe that this is a firmware issue.

I found a DW1655 at Staples and am going to boot this drive back to newegg, not up to that standard. See my post in Bargain section if you are interested in the BenQs…

terminalvelocd. I have scanned some of my DW1800 burns on a 1650 and I get the same problem at the biginning of the scan. I think it’s the older BenQ drives that are just very picky scanners.

pretty sure mcc004 is a popularly copied media code for compatability reasons

even the dynex discs at bestbuy (which i use for giveaways) are recognized as 004’s, and attempt to burn at 18x with dismal results

Current Lite-On burners can have a serious problem burning/scanning at the beginning of the disc (which isn’t firmware but hardware related [B]terminalvelocd[/B]). I’d say there’s about a 50/50 chance at best of getting a good one.