Crap nero

What a pile of crap!!! been trying for 9 days to use this crap software…help

I suppose everyonne is entiteled to their own opinions, but i think nero had the right idea with their software, as for “help”… help with what?

I asked that, in his post in the Newbie forum.

@Davellew69…I know you’d like help, but crossposting is against the rules of the forum. :wink:

arg… crossposters

not sure how to explain, please dont talk in tehno jargon. windows media player cant find my burner, and when i burn i get asked to save in image? somthing. nothing ever go`s on to disk

ok… do you know what drive you have? are you sure its made for writing on cds?

i have liteon 16x. the sofware came withh the burner all new

There are downloadable Manuals for each application of Nero, just because you do not know how to use the program does not make it crap.

manuals were from?

Ahhhh excellent stuff, we got a move :slight_smile:

Aren’t there manuals on the Nero homepage?

Edit: these?

Do you have an OEM version of Nero or did you buy the Nero Ultra? If have Nero Ultra you can do it from the GUI. If you have an OEM you can download it from their webpage. Just Google Nero or Ahead Software.

Hi :slight_smile:
Aren’t [U]these [/U]? tutorials?
Aren’t these the manuals?

Yes they are :iagree:…that’s why there was a ? at the end…couldn’t find the manuals, I wasn’t looking hard enough :bigsmile:

Edit: it’s midnight, and I’m tired :doh:

Hi :slight_smile:
Aren’t these? Both useful?
Aren’t I being a …? :iagree: :bigsmile:

I quite agree, it’s old, ugly and un-reliable.
The only time I use it is in conjunction with DVD Shrink.
When trying to make a DVD the ‘BURN’ option is shaded out. :iagree:

You guys blame your own system incompatability with Nero on poor Nero as you can read vast majority of us have no problem with major fuctionality of Nero but may be minor ones.

I have not had a problem until I tried to burn from a file saved from my tuner card. Nero burns it fine but it will only play for 45 minutes on a set top player, I tried three different brands. It plays fine on the computor. I tried three differnt media types RW +R and Duel Layer all act the same approx 45 minutes on a player and fine on the computor using nero show time?

Could clarify you problem, are saying the Nero burnt video captured file plays OK in your computer then what is the problem?. May be plays in your computer but not in your stand alone player or vise versa?.