could you please tell me in simple langage how to crack and will that solve the problem of sv2 thanks

Do you mean SD2 ? (SafeDisc 2)

If it is, you’re in to some tough shit… That stuff ain’t easy to crack manually (believe me on this)

yes it is . i’v tried betablocker with clone cd and had no succes untill i found out that we had the wrong burner ,so i went looking for one .their hard to find the sales men ask to meny ? so in your opinion what would be the best one to get that still uses clone cd and ware do i get it .:eek:

Betablocker is only for burners that cannot write SD2 protected CDs properly.

For the right burner, I recommend Plextor (24x) or LiteOn (24x).

thanks looking for onr now