Cracks and Pops on every audio CD I make



I’m fairly certain it does not have anything to do with my NEC burner because I have had many other problems burning CDs no atter which drive I use. First, I couldn’t burn CDs at all until I downloaded an nforce2 updated driver for my motherboard (tried two different drives and both didn’t work until I downloaded this)… now I can burn mp3s but there are skips and pops on the disc that are very annoying. Also, whenever I play an audio cd in my computer it will freeze after a few minutes for about 30 seconds and then freeze again if I don’t immediately eject the CD. I have the same problems regardless of the drive…

something is telling me I have a hardware problem, but not related to the CD drives. Motherboard or drivers? Or possibly IDE cables? Do those cause problems? It’s very annoying…


Just “rollback” the IDE drivers to the standard ones from m$.
Also use good media and burn at slow speed if you create CDDA/AudioCDs.


how do I rollback the drivers to standard? I mean, what are standard drives and how do I find them?