Crackmaster cd protection

Any body knows what is this lock:
Two sessions
one of them crackmaster iso
and the other data

you may easily copy with cloneCD, But it will not work :confused:

PLZ some one answer

What is the name of what you are trying to copy?

It is Taktaz Dictionary!!!

Is there anyone who khnows what is this “Crack master” protection?

It’s not one I have heard of and possibly because it is specialist no one else either!
That doesn’t mean that it can’t be backed up, but without a copy to hand I can only suggest you download a protection scanner and see if it can give further clues?

Thanks, I have tried many scanners, all of them say No protection or Unknown.

PLease Someone answer This…

What is CrackMaster and how I have to copy this CD?

Well, after three years and still no answer!!

This CD-R Protection is based on multi-seassion Disks, The Protection Seassion is written by Security Provider Application Called CD-X which directly access the ATAPI devices under DOS and a Protected Mode Extension. Because of Direct control over Hardware , it is able to write non-standard blocks on CD-Rs , then Developer adds CD Checking API into his application and when finished he writes the Next Seassion with his Data . Protected CDS may or maynot contain DLL files named as “CHKCDX16.DLL” . “CHKCDX32.DLL” and "CHKCDXNT.DLL"
The CRACKMASTER Term can be found on earlier Blocks of First Seassion as Label , So the Imaging Softwares Detect the “CRACKMASTER” as label most often when trying to get an Image. They most often fail because different data modes exist on one seassion. For Example , some blocks are formatted as mode1 , some as mode2 and some as audio blocks.

I have never tried to copy the protection because basically I am out of Pirates Colony , So I dont know How Javad may Backup his Disk ( May be the best way is buying what he uses frequently instead backingup protected CD ) , but I have Left this information for Later References.