Crackly CD playback

I’m running a Mesh PC (Win XP SP3) with an ASUS P5KPLAM EPU motherboard integrated on which is a VIA audio, for which I have just uploaded the latest drivers.

When I insert an audio CD into the drive and play it either through WMP or VLC the output I get through the speakers is heavily overlaid with a very significant crackle.

When ripping the music to the hard drive, the hard drive copy is just as distorted and plays back distorted on other PCs.

I’ve tried several CDs and they all get crackle. I’ve tried the same CD in another PC and it plays fine in there.

When I insert a DVD and play it back the audio and picture quality are fine.

When I create a data CD no problems either.

Any ideas?

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Under the sound settings in control panel, look at the advanced properties for the speaker settings. Click the “reset to defaults” button.

Then, download and run this:

Also, check the DMA settings on your DVD drive. You may want to uninstall it in Windows, then reboot and let Windows auto-detect it.