Crackling audio



Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’ve been using Nero 6 for making DVDs for awhile now. I upgraded last week to the latest version
( ) on Nero’s website. I import movies from mini DVDs from my DVD camcorder and use Nero to compile the movies. I created a movie the other day and when I play it back on the computer or a stand alone DVD player there are intermitant popping and cracking noises. If I play the individual videos downloaded from the camcorder with Nero showtime the noise is still there, but if I open the videos with Windows Media Player the noises are not there. Or when I play the videos from the camcorder directly to a tv the noises are not there. When I open the videos with Nero Showtime I get a message about “Multichannel Plug-in – Dolby® Digital 5.1” needed. The camcorder records in 5.1 Dolby. I’ve never gotten this error message before when using videos from this camcorder. It seems like this started after doing the Nero upgrade. Do I need to buy the Multichannel Plug In off of Neros website? or does this sound like another issue? Thanks for the info.


Since you are capturing from a camcorder, I thought the below link may be helpful. I believe it suggests you adjust the levels on your audio to keep it from being distorted during capture.

You might do a Google Search also. I thought there was an answer on the Nero site for this, but I have been unable to find it.