Crackling audio in standalone dvd players



I’m getting an issue where a particular DVD I create is resulting in a choppy, crackling audio on a standalone dvd player, but it plays fine in my computer. I gave the disc to a friend to test it out, and he achieved the same result.

The disc is a collection of 6 episodes of a TV show, compressed with DIKO, authored in DVD lab pro, and burned with Nero.

The audio bitrate I used was 192kbps in an mv2 format. Each episode is encoded the same way. I also converted an mp3 into mv2 for the title menu music, with 192kbps bitrate as well using ffmpegGUI Beta build 3.

Both the audio in the menu and the audio in the episodes itself creates this effect.

One thing that I have noticed is that the Audio_ts folder in the DVD compilation that DVD labs produces does not contain any data. I’m not sure if this is anything to worry over, though probably not…

I’ve also tried burning this disc onto both CMC MAGAE1 and TYG01 discs with the same result on both. +R is out of the question, since my standalone doesn’t play nice with it.

My only guess as to what the issue is relies on the audio encode quality, since playing the DVD back (both from the hard drive and burned discs) on a computer works flawlessly.

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing the issue, or has anyone replicated it before?



I would decode the audiostream to .wav or another uncompressed format and then compress it with another tool. (eg. toolame or besweet)
THEN I would add it to the compilation to author and burn it.

Some audio-encoders produce shit…