Cracked Pioneer firmwares are out!

wat the f u c k is this ? DA_TAXMAN why is mine post edited ???

i just gave information that there are cracked pioneer firmwares available ! to burn 2x speed on any media with PIoneer a03/ao4 drive.


in the LITEON sections there they talk also about cracked firmwares next time you admins first READ and then edit.

the link i gave was to an FORUM where you can find information about this . it was NOT an link to the cracked files you f u c k i ng idiotssssss

We do have a rule that forbids “Language that is obscene, vulgar, sexually orientated, hateful, threatening or otherwise violative of any laws”
Also the use of caps (upper case typing) is considered shouting and very impolite.

Thread closed. PM Tax if you feel you have been threated unfairly…

Next time PM one of the admins, apparently Taxman saw the word cracked and assumed there were illegal activities and just followed our rules. I know you just wanted to post usefull information, but unfortunately Tax is not one of our techies and he didn’t understand you didn’t post someone illegal.

A simple PM would probably have cleared it all up and instead you post this, a post that is nothing more then a rude flame. Please make your apologies to Da_Taxman by PM ! I’ll leave it with this, but consider yourself warned, you could have solved this way nicer!