Cracked Photo Cd



I need help! We saved up for several years and took a family Disney trip. I put all of our pictures on a CD for “safekeeping” and then deleted them off of my camera’s memory stick. I went to print some of them last night and realized that the CD is broken.:sad: Is there any way[/I] to get them off of the disk. I am sick at the thought of losing such special pictures. Thank you so much for any assistance.[/FONT]


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Did you try that disc in your pc drive? How bad is it cracked? Some drives read discs better than others what drive (brand/model) do you have?


Thank you! I did try it in my PC drive and I also took it our local Ritz camera and they tried it too. It is cracked pretty bad. I would say probably about half way. I have a Gateway laptop. I am one of “those” that likes to turn on my computer, do the few things that I need to do(scrapbook, send emails, etc) and then turn the computer off. Someone told me that even though I had deleted them from my memory card someone might still be able to access them. Any truth to this? Thank you so much for trying to help me.


You might be able to recover them from the memory card if you haven’t used it since deleting the photos. You can try this:

Or this: