Cracked firmwares for DVD+R

As opposed to DVD-R discs, DVD+R discs do not have the CSS-area pre-recorded (or earlier pressed). The copy protection is located in the firmware of a DVD+R writer.
Because most DVD+R writers are manufactured by RICOH, it could be possible to crack the firmware, so that it doesn’t write the CSS-area automatically. It should be possible, as it was also possible to crack the region codes on DVD-ROM drives and some standalone DVD players.

That way, we could backup DVD movies without the time consuming decryption of CSS.

One example scenario would be:

  1. I copy the movie with a clone program, but the CSS area is not written on the disc - The disc will not play in a standalone player
  2. I use a specialised program, that will read out the CSS of the original disc and write it to the +R

Any comments on this?

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Time consuming CSS decryption? I haven’t noticed a rip with decryption taking any longer than just copying files directly from DVD to the hard drive (except maybe 10 seconds per vob for a key search). And if you want to play a DVD on a slower computer, removing CSS at the time of rip makes things go a lot smoother.

It’s probably not possible…