Cracked Adaptec ASPI drivers

I just posted the article Cracked Adaptec ASPI drivers.

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Hi! I just wanted to say I just set up a page with the newest Adaptec aspi drivers on them, cracked so that…

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tssss… if you can’t keep track of your own site…

A site with cracked drivers hosted at geocities and using redirection… this is a sure bet the bastards will take it down…

The is unavailable, but the geocities is still up:

The page was mentioned here last week, and has been up for over a week, so that’s reasonable time I guess.

So if you want the file-hurry

my cd-writer works fine (yamaha 6416 scsi) and why do i need a new aspi driver than? Not that i don’t want to install it, but i just want to know what the advantages are. Anyone?

this site saved me a Huge headache!!

My CD-Writer works fine. A plextor W-124TS (jealous? ). I also use an Adaptec SCSI adapter, but it still works fine on 12x writing. So, I don’t really care

Grrr… the site has gone down … If anyone knows where else I might be able to get aspi4all could they plez email me… thanx