Crackdown on piracy

SatireWire has an excellent article on the recent “crackdown on piracy”.

"Washington, D.C. (

Government agents from five countries said Wednesday they launched a crackdown on software piracy, seizing at least 65 computers containing stolen movies, computer games and applications. With the confiscations, officials said there were now only 299,999,935 computers in the world housing software that hasn’t been paid for."

Uh-oh I think I better hide my collection. They might come knocking on the door.

Seriously, That is a lot of computers to have to seize, analyze,
not to mention a lot of manhours to do this all. If anybody has been watching the busts in the last few weeks(DrinkorDie)
at least a terabyte(1000 gigabytes)or so was found

That is a lot of stuff.
Think about, most new pc’s have a 40 gig drive from the factory in it, some of the new ones anyway.

I just wish these guys all the luck, because they are going to need it.

I guess they have more than only 1 Terrabyte… …Almost every topsite ownz 500 GB :wink: So they found lots of stuff… … ==> Everything of the last 2 weeks or so? DivX/ISO/PSX/PS2/DC/XBoX/Bookz/etc.

2 bad 4 eveyone who got busted…