Crack needed for Surething CD Labeler



If someone has got a crack, key-gen, or know where to find it let me know



Also check out this search engine for finding


Thnx, dude, it really works great.
Now i finally can use my cdcovers


SunDevil or Mattel007
I have searched all over for crack. Can you please point me in the right direction? Many thanks in advance


Just wait until your 30 days or over and than enter the serial, mentioned above


many thanks - be in touch in another 27 days


hey boys, there must be a mistake! I posted my clock 30 days later, but the proggy doesn’t ask you for a serial! It just disables printing and tells you to buy the registered program
I think it needs a real crack…


It does with me


Have u tried the following address; this an excellent site for finding cracks. I use it all the time and it nearly always finds me cracks and/or serials for my utils and stuff.

Good Luck.

Ch5 Micky

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Not a chance, man… Astalavista isn’t useful for this proggy, until today (don’t know if someone has added something right now…)