Crack for new CD cops?

Anyone know about a patch for DK levende kort - a danish CD using CD cops 32 bit 1.43 or something. And no the patch from MCallo from Gamecopyworld doesnt work on this program. (something with 32 bit and file extensions)

sorry i can’t help u but maybe u can…
have u a crack for the old version of cdcops?



I ´ve got the same problem with GUT1 . It is protected with CD-Cops and all McLallo - Decrypters are not working.
Does anybody know a new CD-Cops Decrypter ?

Is this CD-Cops really unbreakable ?

Originally posted by na2851
Is this CD-Cops really unbreakable ?
No it isn’t… CloneCD will sometimes work when you use the right CD-R’s. I read Kodak Gold will sometimes do the trick. Also I cracked a CD-Cops v1.76 once with McLallo…

I couln´t find a Kodak yesterday but I bought a HiSpace Gold. And this also did not work. The program does not start because it wants a Code and only with the original CD the code is accepted and the software starts.

He he … long live Danish coding skills !!:stuck_out_tongue: