CQ (crappy quality) disc models?

What are some discs with CQ grade?
I like CQ for experimenting.


And basically any media with fake MID codes and generic codes (those are hard to get nowadays).

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I see.
Grade A? What a lie. But I love CQ.

I would say thinks with the lable Titanum, Bulkpaq, Budget, Princo in general, Gigamaster, Gigatain, Esperanza, Extreme. Most of these media would be hard to find.

But some of these brands also use B-/C-Grade-media from good manufacturers, sometimes.

And most of actual MBI and Falcon (if the info in this forum is right only the Non-Pro od Falcon is crappy)

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I forgot to mention so called “duplication grade” media. They are usually the worst grade media you can possibly buy.

Are you going to buy some? Will you let us know the results?

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Probably some rare MID code (Plasmon, Interaxia, fake Ritek or TDK) and exceptionally poor quality, as expected from Gigatain.

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:heart: Worst sounds glorious.
For funny experiments.

I am only 16 years old, so I have to beg at my parents.

YES!!! :grinning::bangbang:

Top premium guaranteed quality?
Well, we will see. :slight_smile:

If you want funny experiments, those Gigatains are the best choice. Exotic MID code, horrible quality and probably rapidly deteriorating dye = satisfaction guaranteed.

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Hui, is that true?

Remember Gigatain as a brand for fake-MIDs, don´t see em since 8x-times.

Two of your links show media which is made in Taiwan, one from CMC (don´t know CMC still made 8x-media?), are those discs real that bad? I think not many manufacturers are still active in Taiwan

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Gigatain brand was owned by ODS Dassow, the biggest European producer of pressed CD/DVD and the company with a very poor reputation and questionable practices (price dumping, not paying their suppliers, patent holders, creditors, atc.). The company bankrupted in 2008. Gigatain media were of insanely poor quality and were sourced from the worst and cheapest Asian producers.

I have no personal experience with those media, but “duplication grade” always means some sort of troubles.

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Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

Never had duplication grade media, but I remember in the past some brands which use the name of the online-shops titled AAA+ Grade instead of C-Grade

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I will also take CD-R CQ to the swimming pool.
Let’s see, how water resistant optical media actually is.

I will burn a CDDA/VCD onto it to ensure inferior error correction.

Just try actual Platinum DVD+R

And if you peel them a bit with your finger on the outer edge, you can easily pull the two discs apart…

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Even for this MID very bad :\

And I have also a 25pcs-cakebox with this media, not tried yet. Was it from dealbay?

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A 10 cake from Amazon from 09/2017

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My Platinum DVD-R MiD is a RiTekF1, +R is RITEKF16.

My drive does not report any Jitter.