Cpuid or pc probe (wrong readings)

i am trying to find a good program for messureing my system as everything seems out on the software ive tried. ie it seems most people think pc probe II is not worth anything and recommend cpuid h/w monitor and cpu-z
haw ever under full load for 10 min cpuid says core temp 24 c (witch is very low as the room temp is about 20 c) and pc probe say 40 c, pc probe more or less agrees with the bois (as far as it taking some time to shut down and go into bois)

cpuid also says my +12v line is running 12.42v to 12.74v and the -12v line running -6.4v to -6.34v pc probe says that 12v line is acuret to the second decimal even with the fluctuation

im trying to hunt down a freezing problem and i need to no what the fingers to listen to are mainly the +12v line so i can eliminate the power pack as the prob or have it sent of under warranty

the temp thing is more curiosaty then needing it (also sheds douwt over the other readings)

my computer specs are:-
mobo…ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO
cpu…AMD Athlon64IIx2 (regor) 3000mhz
ram…2x (simmtronics 2gb ddr3 1333)…dual channel
dvd ram…LG hl-dt-st dvd-ram gsa-h55n ata…ide
dvd rom…tsscorp dvd-rom sh-d163c ata…sata
hdd 1…500.11gb seagate st3500418as…sata
barracuda 7200.12(primary)
hdd 2…1tb samsunge hd103sj…sata
hdd 3…2tb samsunge hd203wi…sata
gpu…his radeon hd4670 iceq 1gb ddr3…pciex16
wifi nic…edimax 802.11n…pci
sound card…creative sb audiigy 2 (WDM)…pci
psu…arctic 700

windows 7 ultimate x64

thanks in advance for any comments

sorry theys are the cpuid H/W monitors full report


HWMonitor resuts.txt (26.5 KB)

Hey pog13,

Software readings must be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. The only exact way to truly know your volts or temps is to measure them with a multimeter or a infrared thermometer.

Are there certain times when the PC freezes? Loading certain software or when the CPU is under load?

i no they wont be perfect readings but was hopeing for someware near. my freand is bringing a multi-meter down in the next couple of days, do i test the rails wen the system is pluged in (hdds cd drives ect) or do i unplug all the internals then messure.

as for the freezeing problem as far as i can see its conpletly random sometimes wont post at all, some times last 24hr+. as its freezeing befor windows that leads me to think its a hardware problem. over the last to or three days ive striped out every conponant i can. al exep mobo cpu and psu main hdd. as i dont have any spares of the am3+ mobo / cpu. drivers all op 2 date

am i right in thinking that as it freezes pre POST that its hardware prob not a software or o/s problem

thanx for the help

It would make sense to measure you voltages under a load, so don’t unplug anything.

what tolerances are acceptable on the rails? and ill see what i get

computer’s up time 26hr no freezes

thanx for the help all

still waiting for a multi meter but over a few test h/w moniter is reporting the +12v to hit a low of 1.98v - 13.25v.

on a good note only 1 freeze in the past few days

will post resuts of multi meter