Q 1
Can someone please tell me why is my CPU fan always running fast even if there are no activities on my PC…

Q 2
Everytime when I insert a blank media my system just shuts down with a blue screen saying Dumping Physical Memory why is this happening cause the type of blank media I am using is only Verbatim and sony, Writer in use is a samsung, burning software is Nero 9…

Run task manager and check if there is a process running at 100%.

I also suggest to run a memtest: maybe you have a damaged RAM installed in your computer :frowning:

As with most questions regarding computers, it helps to know the hardware you have. CPU fans can run full tilt for a number of reasons ranging from a dirty heat exchanger, using a three pin cooling fan, improper thermal compound and/or setting the fan speed to maximum in software/BIOS assuming your CPU utilization isn’t maxed out. If you are referring to a laptop then the cooling fins are probably full of dirt. Get a can of air and blow out the dust and see if that helps.

As for the BSOD, it could be a number is things. Geno gave a good place to start but it could also be a bad motherboard, drive etc. It might be hard to diagnose without test equipment. Also, computer parts are so inexpensive nowadays it might be cheaper to systematically replace components than to pay a technician for diagnosis and repair.

Well the fan run fast irrespective of whether there is a task in process or not I checked on task manager the CPU will be below 5% usage and on PFUsage it will be between 900MB and 1200MB and the fan will be hard at work…

And about the blue screen with an error that reads Dumping Physical Memory is there a solution for that…


That text could apply to any number of problems. IT is just telling you what it is doing as a result of the error occurring. First do a memory test. Some motherboards let you perform the test from the BIOS screen. There are programs like Memtest that let you do it outside the BIOS.

As for the fan, check the things I mentioned starting with the power connector. If it is a three pin connector then the fan will run full tilt all the time. If it is a four pin then the motherboard and/or BIOS can control fan speed and there is likely some issue causing it to run full tilt all the time.

Did you check RAM? If there is a faulty RAM stick, the only solution is to replace it with a new one :slight_smile:

If nothings wrong with any parts or programs you may be able to set the fan setup in the bios and it will slow down the fan till a certain temp is reached and slowly ramp it up so maybe most times if everything’s OK it will run at a much slower speed till the heat ramps up.
I had to turn on the cool and quiet or whatever it’s called on my hex core 1090t AMD because the stock fan is smallish and tends to run much faster and louder then the bigger fans I like to run.
Now it’s much quieter and the temps runs about 45c when not busy rather then 40. It still ramps up when really busy but is much easier to live with when just doing nothing but surfing and sitting mostly idle.