% CPU Usage While Ripping

What is your CPU usage(%) while you are ripping full DVD movie?.I am having constantly between %97-%100 CPU usage while I am ripping with my Lite-On 411S@811S regardless at the movie quality or resolution.

Well, if you have near full CPU usage, chances are the optical drive’s set at PIO instead of DMA. Get into devices and go to IDE/ATA Controller to make the change.

Using DVD Decrypter, my CPU usage is around 5% avg.

Depends on if you are really ONLY ripping (DVD Decrypter,…) or ripping & transcoding (DVD Shrink,…).
If you are really only ripping then your drive is probably in PIO mode as Stoner said.
If you are ripping & transcoding then this load is quite common as this process drains as much power as it can from your CPU.

You have point there, what I really meant is CPU usage during Ripping & Encoding process.

Thank you for clarifying the issue.

post here the real cpu usage (use taskmanager, sort by cpu usage and then print screen) so we will see what process takes the most of it.
It’s not because the cpu usage goes to 97% when you rip that the rip program is the cause…

Actually, Playboy Bunny hit it right on the head. DVD Shrink consumes 100% CPU power when Analysing and Backup! End of story.