Cpu usage bounces

I’ve running Vista x64 Quad Core and DVDFab Platnium

When I encode a an iso to H.264, each of my 4 CPU’s will be at about 100% utilization for 2 seconds and then drop to 20% for 1 second and then 0% for 1 second and then back to 100% for 2 seconds (repeat).

The other programs that I use keep all cores at 100%. Is there something I can tweak to fix this?

Just a side note, the stats show my encoding fps is at 47.68,


This is normal, just maybe DVDFab multi-thread framwork need do some adjust for the new 4 core CPU. :slight_smile:

And the core keep at 100% is not show it is very fast, because some time the bottleneck is not the CPU maybe is i/o or others.

How about other software encode fps ?


This is a very good rate for H264 (faster than my system), especially if you are using large screen sizes. As Ting also wondered, if you have other apps, what kind of encode rates do you get with them?