CPU Usage 100%, Drive Not Recognised

Hi everyone, I am a newbie with an intermediate grasp of computer hardware. Let me explain my problem. I recently installed a new Sony NEC DVD Ram drive on my Dell 4600 using IDE connection. However XP didnt recognise the new drive so I rechecked the connections and they were fine. Then I began to notice a distinct slowness in applications, I checked and my cpu usage keeps shooting up to 100% despite the fact that I may have just a single browser window running. Next thing I did was upgrade my system Bios to latest version and flashed the drive with its latest firmware, but still XP didnt recognise the drive. So I checked the Bios and even though I have Sata enabled the Bios says device unknown.

Now When i boot the system i get a message saying;

SATA Primary Drive 0 Not Found
SATA Secondary Drive 0 Not Found
Strike F1 to continue

This is weird as all my drives are IDE connections not SATA. I have scanned for any virus that may be hijacking the cpu but none showed up.

So to summarize;

1) Installed DVD Ram Drive
2) Drive not showing up in XP or Bios
3) CPU Usage shooting to 100%, rarely falls below 40%
4) Upgraded Bios to latest from Dell
5) Flashed the DVD Ram Drive with latest firmware
6) When system boots SATA Drives not found message appears

One last thing, my RAM failed during this period so I purchased two new 1GB sticks and installed them with no problems. I am concerned that the RAM died at same time I installed the DVD Ram Drive. But it may be coincidence. Any help or suggestions would be great.

I don’t know why you have SATA enabled in the bios when you have no SATA drives? You say the connections are right, how about the master/slave jumper? While searching for some info on your Dell I came across this: http://www.pcworld.com/article/129857-2/the_10_worst_pcs_of_all_time.html, the problem their taking about is power supply, so, have you had any power related problems? You say the ram failed, it must be for a reason.