CPU upgrade, help please

I have a HP Pavilion 7945 system that is slightly aging. I already upgraded several parts, but by now, specifically CPU speed is about to become a bottleneck. I’m considering an upgrade, but i’n a bit puzzled on the exact possibilities.
The system hold an ASUS P4U-LA motherboard (OEM version, costum-made for HP) with an Intel 845 (Brookdale) chipset and 400Mhz FSB, socket mPGA478. Currently, this MB is home to the original 1,5Ghz P4 CPU.
Problem is… what is the maximum processor that is going to fit this MB? HP told me 2Ghz is as good as it gets (but they advised me wrong before), others nevertheless told me any Socket-478 processor will do.

Can anybody help me out here please? :bow: MB layout and more specs are HERE

Any 400 MHZ bus p4 will work for sure. Now I don’t think it will support 533 bus chips, but the only way to test that is to pop a 533 bus chip in there, and test it out. If it works, that would be great, but odds are it won’t. I would see if you can boddow a 533 bus NORTHWOOD NOT PRESCOTT core CPU. The PrescHOT chips definetly will not work, but a 533 bus northwood may actually plug in and work. It’s worth a try, and if it does work, you should be in good shape. It is an Asus mobo, it might just suprise you. Anyways, good luck.


Hmm… interesting… since the best 400Mhz FSB processor i can find is a Celeron 2400 Mhz Nothwood. How will that perform compared to my current P4 1500 anyway? Is it worth considering replacement with a Celeron 2400 at all?

Does anybody know what MB the P4U-LA actually is? I suppose it’s just a covered-up regular ASUS-board, isn’t it?

It’s POSSIBLE that it only supports up to 2Ghz, as claimed by HP. Those customized boards can be a b***h and a half. Also, if it’s built for a real first-gen P4, newer Celerons may not work at all.

You can get one, and try it, but make sure you can return it afterwards.

Or, you can do what I ALWAYS suggest in these cases - send your old chip and board to me. PM me for my postal address. I’ll take good care of it. :wink:

Not great!

If you want a decent CPU upgrade, and the case/motherboard arrangement is standard, I’d say cut your losses and and get a matched motherborad and current CPU, instead of trying to rake out some old CPU that will fit

I agree, ditch that mobo & CPU, and get something new. I’d see if you can find a MATX socket 939/nforce 3 mobo, and put that in there. If not, get a nice NORTHWOOD (avoid prescHOT chips, they SUCK), and 865/875 mobo. Gigabyte has some that would work in that case available from newegg & ZipZoomFly. Finding a decent northwood is a PITA though, NOBOY wants to get rid of them. I was just looking @ zipzoomfly & newegg, and EVERYTHING I see that’s micro ATX is all socket 754 with a VIA chipset. That’s not all bad, AMD/VIA combinations work pretty good, though I’d much rather have an nvidia chipset. I HATE the fact that you’re so limited when it comes to MATX mobos, there’s no reason they couldn’t make an Nforce 3 mobo that takes a socket 939 chip, that will go in that case!!! One thing is for sure, your current powersupply might NOT be up to the task of powering the new mobo/CPU combo. If the case won’t take a standard PSU, there’s almost no way to make it work. If it’s not a standard powersupply, you might as well leave that machine alone, and start from scratch. Build yourself a nice nforce 4 setup with PCI express, and a 939 chip. Any way you decide to go, you’ll at least be running DDR, and that will make a HUGE difference in performance! PC133 just doesn’t have the bandwidth to work well with a fast CPU anyways.

Now chaintech makes a VIA KT890 chipset MATX mobo. It’s the ONLY Micro ATX solution I see that takes PCI express graphics cards. I dunno, it would be OK to upgrade to that, and the mobo is only $65. Then you’d be able to run one of the new graphics cards that are coming out, and that system wouldn’t be totally out of date. I’d ONLY do that if you can use a standard powersupply though, because if you don’t, you’ll be forced to get a graphics card based on power requirements. That pretty much means low end CRAP only. If that’s the case, you might as well get a VIA KM800 chipset board from DFI with onbaord everything. That MIGHT not draw enough power to make the powersupply puke, but it’s still a RISK. Pretty much if that powersupply can’t be upgraded, I’d leave that machine alone. If you insist on it though, DFI makes a nice MATX socket 754 board with onboard everything. It’s $69, and it’s the best bet for that case. It would make for an EXTREMELY CHEAP upgrade, all you’d need is that mobo, 1gb of corsair value select cas 2.5 ram for $85, and a 3000+ venice core chip for $146 (retail with heatsink). Slap that stuff in that case, and it’s ready to go. I dunno what you have for a graphics card right now, but odds are it would work in that mobo if you wanted to keep it. I would suggest going to an SATA hard drive though, just to give a little extra. So, for just under $350 you get an A64 3000+ system with a gig of ram. That’s PRETTY GOOD!!! :iagree:

The other route with the PCI express baord would be pretty cheap too, but add another $80 for a cheapo graphics card. Unless you bought a bigger PSU to run a nice graphics card, then it’s up to you. I dunno, good luck, whatever you decide to do. :iagree: