CPU Temp too high?

I have an Athalon XP 2600+ and it’s fine when I’m doing normal work, but when i play a game, if I exit to windows and check the cpu temp, it’s 56-58 degrees. It falls back down real fast if I exit the game, but I don’t think it should get this hot. What is a comfortable operating temparature?

Athlons tend to run a bit hot mine often hits 65 degrees when rendering video clips,its ok there is nothing wrong that temp is about normal when the cpu is under load.

As long as the temperature stays below 60 degrees when playing games, you have nothing to worry about.

stock cooler?

i dont like to hit over 50 - 52 playing games - i start getting errors around 60-65 …

best bet is to invest in either basic watercooling or a high performance aftermarket heatsink. TT volcano7+ can be had from newegg for about 20$. the new thermalright ones that take the 92mm fan are killer, but hard to find.

Yup as people said - heat is the problem… what you need to ensure is that the case is properly ventilated.

Its no good buying an awesome fan - if there is no ‘air-flow’

Try creating airflow through the case - have a fan on the front sucking in air, a fan on the rear extracting air this will keep a steady flow of air to the CPU fan and reduce the ‘ambient’ temperature off all the components within the case :wink:

Hope this helps