CPU Temp OK?

I just built a new computer, AMD 64x2 4200+, but im wondering if it is running too hot… i just downloaded SpeedFan, but not sure of the results… it came up with 4 temps… it reads as this

Temp 1: 37C
Temp 2: 37C
Temp 3: 35C
HD0: 39C

does this sound about right? or do i need more cooling inside… its only been running for about 2 hours now… thanks for the help…


Those do not appear to be excessively high heats for the innards and componants of a computer - which one is the cpu?


Hi :slight_smile:
Those temps seem OK. Here’s mine, pc been running for several hours.

Off Topic. Hey zabadee. Just pulling your leg here :wink: but take a look at the the difference in your HDD temp and mine. Maybe time for another fan?:bigsmile:

Hi :wink:
Interesting. I had hd coolers installed in the summer, but now it’s cooler I’ve removed them. That said the temp of hd is well within limits of manufacturer.
BTW with the extra fans temp was 36C.
My drives are raided which also makes a difference.
I’m surprised more that your cpu temp is so low in fact lower than motherboard. Not something I’ve seen before.

Yo Greg-

Thx for the lead on ‘PC Wizard’

Good programe-eh!


Hi :wink:
crossg is PC Wizard a free d/l. I’m just curious as to whether I’d get any difference in readings.

@zabadee Like I said I was pulling your leg. My Processor is a P4 3.2 Northwood with a Zalman 7700 CPU fan. Northwoods are renowned for running cool. Max load I will see 45 degrees C. Yes PC Wizard is free Here: www.cpuid.com. :slight_smile:

@bigmike7. Yes it’s a great program.:iagree:

Hi :wink:
crossg thanks.
I’ve found using PC Wizard it doesn’t detect my 12v reading & I’ve lost two of my DVDRW’s.
Going back to cpu temps mine never seems to drop below 41C once up & running, but has never risen above 50C. I was aware that Pentiums tend to run cooler, also noticed your zalman.

@zabadee I think you need more cooling it seems to be running to hot even for a AMD I’m running a AMD 64 3200+ in a home made box and its been running for the last 6 months non stop and it stays about the same Temp

this is what im looking at… btw thanks for the prog idea!!
i also have 2 case fans that dont seem to show up either…thanks again

Hi :slight_smile:
Try this.
BTW I’ve lost 2 hd’s as well as 12v reading & 3 DVDRW’s with PC Wizard.

A quick fix to possibly drop temps a few degrees on the cpu would be to use some artic silver 5 (assuming you used the pad that was originally on the heatsink or in some cases, even the heat sink grease that came with it). Everybody’s temps are all well within spec though and are plenty safe. I have an athlon xp system that runs about 50c full load (pushed my overclock as far as I could with the cooling that is currently on it). Amds don’t get damaged till about 70-80c, though its usally a good idea to stay reasonably well under that. Also, if you are using a factory amd heatsink, you can get something that will give a little extra cooling for not too much money (if you watch for sales). One good place to watch is compusa. they occationally run mad dog (rebadged thermaltakes) on sale half price so about 20$ for a solid copper heatsink with a volcano adjustable fan.
Also, if you have fan mounts in your case that do not have fans in them, put fans in them. You will never get temps down if you do not have adaquate air flow through your case. You can get decent 80mm fans for under 5$ ea.