CPU Temp is rather high

Ive just got a AMD Athlon XP 1900, on a EPOX 8K3A Kt-333 DDR Chipset Motherboard, 256 Mb DDR-RAM PC 2700, 60gb IBM ATA 100 Hard drive.
My CPU temp seems to be really high, running from about 51 Deg C to 56 Deg C. (System Temp is 28 Deg C) I think this is way too high. It should be running around 36 Deg C. Does anyone else have this problem, Im thinking about trying another heatsink/fan.
Although it seems to be running fine.:confused:

The Epox 8K3a Motherboard monitors the temperature of the internal diode on the die of an XP processor. If 56 degrees is the maximum at full load you should be OK . Previous designs ( not just Epox) monitor the temperature from a sensor just below the CPU ceramic and were typically lower than the range you mention. You should be able to get full load temperatures down a little more than that by either using a higher performance cooler or using the program CPUCool .

More info on Epox motherboards can be had HERE :


The Epox forum is a treasure of information.