CPU Stress

With the release of of AnyDVD, I was wondering if anyone has experienced the unusual situation of the Program causing the CPU to stress. This situation only occurs when the Program is activated. I’ve been told that such a situation is not technically possible, however, I know this is one case where even the experts are proven wrong. I overcome the probelm by un-installing the version and re-installing the previous version. I’ve since been able to further overcome the problem by updating to the current version of In other words there was a glitch in my copy of the aforementioned version of My question is, has anyone else experienced this problem, or am I the unlucky one.

what do you mean by “causing the cpu to stress?”

Hi, When I activated the program, it caused the CPU Temperature go up beyond its maximum limit, resulting in the System fans to go into full speed mode to try and overcome the situation. I’ve not experienced this situation with any other activity or program, and it’s beyond doubt associated with version of the AnyDVD program. I’ve been running v5.5.4.1 for two days now, and there has not been a single problem. I was just curious to see if the problem had occurred with others.

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The process of backing up of a Commercial DVD Movie Title is a demanding task on a computer system, especially on slower speed computer systems.

That is why through out the AnyDVD-CloneDVD Forums you note that it is highly recommend curtailing all background activities when using AnyDVD-Clone DVD.

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Strange, this should have been fixed already in Version

  • Fix: Undesired high CPU use for several minutes when
    checking for program update via internet connection