CPU Speed & Ram

How does CPU Speed and Ram effect burning?

It’s the same with everything else on your PC. The slower the CPU and smaller your RAM, the slower it will work. So, you will not be able to burn a CD at 32X with a 486-DX2-66 processor and 16MB of RAM.

think of it like cars…cpu is the engine, ram is the transmission, hdd is the cargo capcity. Tweaks galore all around the rest. The rest are add on’s that have to have enough rpm and torque to work proper in your car…:slight_smile:

I guess I should have been a little more precise. Is there a point where CPU and RAM not make much of a difference?

more is better mindset aside…top of the line cpu and gig+ ram, still won’t make your writer read faster than it can…yes, there is a wall there…:slight_smile:

proper cpu and ram will make the transcoding part go faster, shrinking the rip down or tweaking the rip, rest…if all else is up to snuff will only go as fast as it can.

what are you looking for and working from? :slight_smile:

And if you are using the burner as an external one, use a Firewire connection instead of USB 2.0 for older, slower systems as USB 2.0 requires much more CPU/RAM resources to attain the max transfer rate of 480 Mbps whereas Firewire does not depend heavily on your processor and it will still zip at 400 Mbps.

Unless you are doing extensive photoshop work, or a lot of video encoding, anything over 1gb of ram is a waste. I have two systems side by side, which are almost the same. One has 1gb, and the other has 2gb of ram. Even when doing extensive photo restoration with multiple layers, I really don’t notice any difference between the two. When encoding and capturing, I notice a very (VERY) slight difference with the pc with the 2gb of ram ( I usually multitask while encoding and burning). For the normal casual user, there really is no need for more than 768mb of ram. (In my opinion)