CPU/PSU problem

since i have installed my new motherboard and hardware on my second computer it has been working fine, but on the bootup it displays the power fan’s RPM as 0!:frowning:

Also, when i changed the processor (Athlon XP 1800+) from my old m’board to the new i did not reapply the thermal cream as there already seemed to be some their (didn’t have any cream available at the time anyway) so i just placed it in.:o

and yesterday when restarting my computer, IT WOULDN’T TURN BACK ON!!!
all i heard was two/three large and long beeps and the some sort of siren coming from the motherboard Speaker (AC97 AUDIO)

I took a look in my computer and didn’t know what was wrong, i moved the swith on the back of my PSU:bigsmile: (it was red with 230 on it):confused: and to my surprise it flew a large spark inside the Power unit!:frowning:

my OS is win98se,
my motherboard is Epox 8rda,
my processor is an athlon xp 1800+,
my graphics card is a geforce titanium 4200,
i have 3 cards of ram 1 is 256 ddr pc2700, and 2 that are 128 ddr pc2100,
and my soundcard is a soundblaster live 5.1 with 5.1 creative speakers:D

Originally posted by Hornster
all i heard was two/three large and long beeps

I suggest to check out the Bios manufacturer and then go to
http://bioscentral.com and have a look at the BIOS PostCodes.

Check your RAM module and make sure it is entirely inserted
into the RAM slot. Try a different slot and/or RAM module.

Hope it helps,
Andy :smiley: