CPU Problem?

Ok I have kinda rebuilt a PC for a friend that had alot of problems with it seems like everything. He got the computer from some ripoff dude at the flea market and well it seemed like a good deal at 1st but so many problems. Ok getting down to it I have put a new everything in but a HDD and a CPU and the problems he still has are kinda hard to explain so im not gonna try… We have used two different HDD’s and the problems still happen, Now when I got the new mobo and was going to remove the CPU Fan/Heatsink the CPU came off with it (it was stuck to the thermal paste on the heatsink) the lever lock was even locked properly and all… weird I know but another thing maybe having to do with CPU is that when he bought BF1942 from Bestbuy he cant play it becuase in the EA configure program thingy says his CPU speed is -1900 (ish) mhz, he has a Intel Celeron 2.4ghz but he can play other games like Doom 3, AOE3, American Conquest and Americas Army. Oh also it seems as if alot of files in his computer (mainly windows files) are getting messed with, I know 1st thing is gonna be said hackers but these things happend right after he reformats and and somtimes dosnt but it has been happening alot more now. Any thoughts on if this could be the CPU or if you have had this happen before and now its the CPU or need to ask me if specific things are also going on please reply, thanks.

Run SciSoft Sandra and verify what his cpu rate is. It could be underclocked, or mismarked…

What size of power supply does it have I have seen bad power supplies cause problems with software getting damaged on the hardrives? If it is checking the files on the hard drive when it boots at times I would replace the power supply and see it that works.

That was the 1st part I replaced before doing a full mobo make over and it still was acting up.

Have the motherboard chipset drivers been installed?

yes, no yellow (!) in the device manager.

If you’ve removed the motherboard, hard drive & memory from the potential problems then it sounds like the chip.

Try reducing the processor speed in the bios and see if that solves anything, or check the website for any bios updates.

Im gonna try that tonight when I go over to his house, I’ll post back after that

Ok I put in another CPU a 2.4ghz P4 and all seems to be good… although BF1942 still showing -1900ish mhz in the easy info but its working without problems so far…