CPU power for DVD recorder?



Hello Everyone

At present I have a Lite-On cdrw and a Lite-On DVD player housed in a upgrade Dell P3 Powerleap 1.4 Cel with just under 500mb of ram. I’'m thinking about getting a LG DVD reorder to replace the Lite-On cdrw. My concern is the overall processing power is enough to do some or anything period and just what limitations I have?

Should I get the LG or just look for another system with more power? If so what cpu/ram is the “sweet” spot? Thanks for any advice and help.

Kenny J.


Your system should be fine. I have heard of people doing it with less than that. Depending on what you are doing, some things may take a lot longer (like compiling, transcoding, compressing) but it should still work. You do need to have plenty of hard drive space avalable though (minimum of about 8 gig free to copy a movie, but I would recomend having a lot more that that if possible).
Just out of curosity, how do you have a little under 500mb of ram? I’m guessing multiple memory modules of diffrent sizes?
As far as the sweet spot for an upgrade, I’m sure that opinions will vary quite a bit thier, but my opinion is that (if you are building a system or upgrading yourself at least) , an athlon 64 3000, socket 939 with 1 gig of ram gives a pretty good ballance of performance and price. 140 for the processor on newegg (I have seen it go as cheap as 110 on sale on newegg), around 100$ for a decent motherboard like an abit, 80$ for two good 512mb mem modules like kingston or coarsair value ram).


I’ve got three drives on a dual boot sytem. XP is on a WD 160 on three partitions . Stuff like my digital camera shots are on a 40gig partition. My memory is 448. If I didupgrade I’d soon as get a whole cse and all and keep my present system as is. It may not be the fastest but I haven’t had any problems either.
I’m either looking at one solid SA unit for the home system with a built in HD and editing or go the cheap home recorder (Pioneer 220) and be able to fine tune the DVD on the pc burner. I’m not really up on the editting stuf like software and what you can do. That’s why I asked about the “CPU Power” stuff.

Kenny J.