CPU - Overclock and Temperature

What temp. is normal for a CPU??? Mine is about 40 degrees celcius…The reason I ask this is that I want to overclock my CPU which is a P3 1GHz. What program should I use and how much can I overclock without damaging my CPU???

40 degrees C is normal. What are you using to get that temp?

Depending on your motherboard, you may be able to use monitoring software from your motherboard maker. I have an ASUS board and use ASUS probe. You can also download motherboard monitor from here.

With Intel CPUs the only way of overclocking is by raising the fsb. This will also raise your pci and agp clocks unless your board can run those locked at the default. You may find that your overclock is limited by the pci or agp cards that you have. In terms of overclockability, it depends on your cpu.

I test my overclocks with a program like prime95 torture test. When I run it, I watch the cpu temp to see how high it peaks, since the cpu temp also depends on cpu load. I had a celeron coppermine 566mhz that I ran at 850mhz, I think it stayed around 45-47 degrees C. My current overclocked P4 1.6A is running at 2.5 GHz idles 32 degrees, and max temp 50 degrees C.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

I dont believe that the P3’s overclocked all that well. I used to have a P3 500, and I couldnt seem to get it over 550. This could have been affected by the mobo too.
Basically it depend son what mobo you have, as to what you can do with it. See if there is an AGP/PCI lock 66/33 and what other features it has. Its all done in the bios btw.
Im now using a P4 2.53 @ 2.85. Once again, it all depends on what your mobo can do, and also what RAM you have.

Also check to see what dividers there are for CPU:RAM. Depending on your ram, depends on what multiplier to use.
Im assuming that it is PC100 or 133 ram. You just need to make sure that you dont go over what the ram can handle.

I hope this hasnt confused you too much.