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At the moment a lot is happening in the CPU world. Prices are decreasing, new CPU’s are coming etc. So I thought let’s update you on some recent facts.

Let’s start with Intel. They announced…

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Yep! I like much more AMD than Intel…! :4

AMD is better than Intel as Defiz already said :g

They are actually faster as well. The new AMD Athlon processors are faster in speed tests than the currect P4’s even though the P4’s have faster quoted processing speed. Also, I’ve read in several places that the P4 skimped a lot on cost and so is actually weaker in parts and therefore speed and quality than the old P3’s. Intel sucks!!! Amd Rules!!!

I been using AMD since the AMD K5. I love 'em. Intel sucks the big winnie. Hope they go out of business.

hehe I definately agree with you guys… Intel sucks and AMD rulez :slight_smile:

uhmm inm gonna be a smart ass now… but i dont know if some of the guys who has reakted to this news and says that p4 is so bad etc and red reviews stated that the athlon is faster than the p4 dosent seem to have noted what almost every hardware reviewer has stated… and that is… that the program thats been tested and compared with the athlon hasent had any support for the new sse2 technology… and some site has tested the athlon vs the p4 with software that supports sse2 and in those test there is stated that the p4 is faster than the athlon… but who am i to judge witch one is fastest since i havent compered it myself… :slight_smile: i still think amd is the ruler of the processor world … :4

I will never buy another INTEL chip in my life… I am sooooo happy with my AMD… Its the best chip your money can buy… Affordable and fast… Also when AMD says that their chips do 1000Mhz for example, their really working slighty faster… Besides AMD has a better chip design, no nintendo cartridge type chip :r … SO as for me, AMD is : Always More Distinguished than INTEL…