CPU heat problem!

I am having a P4 2.4 Ghz on a 865GBF motherboard with a 300 watts powersupply and also a 160Gb SATA HDD…The problem is that whn ever i switch on my pc its shuts down after 5mins or so and then its a heactic job to get it started but once it gets started i wont restart.Some one told me that it was the processor heating problem so i brought a new fan(box fax) a new sink and the coolent cream.Well it worked for 4 days and then again its giving me the same problems I also keep my CPU casing open on one side…So any one pls help me out what could be the problem :sad:

Download and run Speedfan (free, donations welcome)
Then report your [B]temps[/B] and your [B]voltages[/B]

Have you dusted out your computer? Have you check your hibernation or sleep mode settings? Check your computer memory as well see if they are ok still? What is your O/S and memory size? What kinda P/S do you have?

Odd have you check the manufactor web site or contact them about the problem your having with their motherboard? What kinda motherboard is that 865GBF motherboard? Check your BIOS to see what kinda setting is there. Usually a overheating CPU won’t boot or will make beeps and then shutdown immediatly to prevent damage. Memory can also lead to shutdown if they go bad too but you will have to test those-other have mentioned software that will test them on here. Go to control panel and then to performance and maintenance then click on power options and there you should see power options. There you should see if hibernation or various power options is on. One last thing as well what kinda GPU do you have running? If the GPU goes bad or is dying it can also overheat and freeze your computer making it shutdown or not but it will have to cool down before you can get your computer to restart correctly. Just tossing out some fixes to look at to eliminate what might be other problem that is causing your computer shutdown.

865GBF is an intel motherboard its a very nice motherboard…

where are those speedfan results?

why ask for help and not cooperate?

make sure the case is out in the open, point a small room fan where it blows air into the open side

make sure the computer and power supply are clean

300w PSU?

That sounds to weak to me.

[B]The casing is always left open and there r 2 celling fans in the room so the room is quite airy…I douth if its the power supply???Wat do u guys say I mean i have a 300 or 350watts power supply for P4 while i seen ppl with 400 or 450 watts power supply.I do want to change it but i m scared wat if this leads to some sort of power failur???[/B]

Your computer issues are almost certainly Power Supply related, probably one or more faulty capacitors. If it was a heat issue, your computer would tell you after it was restarted. Something like “CPU Thermal Shutdown” after the BIOS screen appears.

What make and model is your motherboard so we can suggest a replacement. Also, where are you located so we can direct you to a website that ships to your location.

edit: It could also be capacitors on the motherboard. Take a look for bulging or leaking ones such as this picture:
If you see anything like that, you’ll need to replace the motherboard, not the power supply

No i have checked my motherboard and the CAPS r ok :slight_smile: .Yes it does give me the terminal heat warning after bios.Now a days it has become a bit okay as winters are on apporach so the room is a bit colder than the past.I m having an intel 865GBF motherboard.
Hay will it have any bad effect if i upgrade my power supply to 400 or 450 watts? :confused:

No, but make sure to get a reliable brand with a decent size exhaust fan to keep it running cooler.

I use a 600 watt PSU. When it comes to electricity, the more power the better. It puts less strain on the system. That is why Home Theater amps are best if you have at least 150 watts per channel. Less strain and less heat and less distortion. Your motherboard will love a decent PSU.

I have had similar problems that resulted from faulty RAM. In addition to all the above suggestions take your RAM to a reputable computer store and have them test it. Bad RAM shows up in all kinds of problems that can mimic other equipment failures.

Emmm…I m having a 256MB Kingston DDR ram and i dont think it has any prob…How do i knw it has any prob???

You can use a variety of programs to run memory tests. Bad RAM has caused random system crashes and even trashed my hard drive by failing to boot unless I reinstalled Windows. If you are having “issues” and you can’t seem to find a reason then have the RAM checked at a computer shop.

Dat would b good but trust me u would never want to go to a computer shop here in my place thy kill ya reasonless…Any home remedies…

excuse me, but have you checked the thermal under the Cooler? its possible it’s dried up. in that case you’d need to remove your cpu cooler and replace the thermal underneath.
Yes, it can be a cpu heating problem. Also you could have your cpu cooler not sitting on the cpu correctly. which leaves a gap between the cooler and the cpu and makes more heat.
Also in the bio’s check the hardware monitor, see what the cpu temp is when you first kick it on.
check the voltage of the cpu, could be overvolting the cpu and it’s shutting down to keep from damaging anything.