Cpu graph / chart

Anyone know where i can find a chart or graph, comparing

  1. Pentium 4 CPU’s with Pentium 4 Mobile CPU’s (i.e. centrino)
  2. Celeron with Celeron Mobile CPU’s
  3. Pentium 4 with Athlon
  4. Pentium 4 Mobile with Athlon relative
  5. etc anything like these

I don’t need a performance chart, just a graph stating relative peroformance.

For example graph 1 would be like

2.0GHz P4 = 1.4GHz Centrino
2.4GHz P4 = 1.6GHz Centrino

Basically a rough laymens guide so tha they don’t get fooled by the clock speed figure, when comparing pc’s and laptops.

P.S. If anyone knows a CPU forum, let me know and i’ll post there so i don’t bother you data drive freaks here. :slight_smile:


There have been numerous comparisons, but none that were all inclusive that I’ve seen. Anandtech chipsets had one comparing the p4’s with the Pentium M’s awhile back, and tomshardware is good for test comparisons. Might also check www.maximumpcmagazine.com.

I don’t think that you will find such charts. And if you’d fine a chart, it’ll probably beyond worthless? Why? Because all CPUs have their strong and weak points. Those points can lead to great differences in performance when performing certain actions.

And to make it even worse: there exists software that is optimized for certain CPUs. These optimizations can lead to even more strange results (theoretically, a CPU that is half as fast as another one can due to optimizations perform equal to the faster one that isn’t supported).

I guess you want to know this because you are in for a new system but you don’t know what to buy?

nah, i know all that, i just need a rough guide for someone else, so that they can window shop on the net rather than me tell them this one is bad this one is good etc, it helps serves as a rough guide for them, and cut down on their choices, and i do remember seeing something like that somewhere

just tell them to go AMD dual core…and thats that!

need the graph though cos it will kind of be useful in the future :frowning:

Why not just copy something from here?

too complex and too big, need something smaller and simpler, comparing 2 types of cpu’s and 4 speeds e.g.

1.4GHz P4 Mobile = 2.0GHz P4
1.6GHz P4 Mobile = 2.4GHz P4
1.73GHz P4 Mobile = 2.66GHz P4
1.83GHz P4 Mobile = = 2.8GHz P4

guess i can make it myself, but that’s a big headache since i don’t know if the above figures are even remotely near the true figures.