Cpu Fan

Hi, just bought a Freezer 64 pro for my Amd Athlon 4000 2.4 , the cooler came with a 4 pin but will work with a 3 pin connection which i have on my motherboard problem is i get no fan rpm. Now the original fan has a 3 wire red blue black the 64 pro has a black red yellow and the blue is not connected , can i switch the wires on the 64 Pro, seems like the blue is for the rpm of the fan.

hmm, I think you might have an option turned on in your BIOS that disables the fan completely until it reaches a certain temperature. Maybe cool n Quiet?

cool n quiet is disabled, on artic’s site they say set temp to 65c in bios,

disabled q fan , but now the cpu fan is running max rpm when i enable it the fan drops to min. rpm

if i keep it running on max would it hurt the cooler ,

solution =

  1. disable q fan in BIOS
  2. download speedfan, great program, and set the fan to whatever speed you want http://www.almico.com/speedfan432.exe