CPU Cooler Weight

I’ve taken to making machines horizontal. The best air coolers now exceed 1200 grams (~2.6lbs). Having this leverage sideways on the mb is ugly enough, but it really makes keeping good contact with the CPU worrisome.

It could be offset by a “strap” of sorts, although I’ve never seen one available commercially.

On review sites I often see several reports about excellent coolers where the user is claiming it’s “worse” than the stock cooler. Every time I envision this heavy cooler cockeyed bending the mb and losing contact.

Now many cooler manufacturers recommend removing the cooler before moving the PC, yikes - that is a lot of extra work.

Anyone else have an opinion?

If you want extreme air cooling, you have to go to extreme measures. The next step would be water cooling, and that will be even more fun to transport around. Fortunately most of us don’t have to move around with our desktops.

Hey Eric.

I have thought about the “one piece” water coolers, like http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=Mjc2OA==&lan=us

It would seem you could move a PC pretty safely with that. Surprisingly the very few reviews I’ve read of that particular unit showed it less powerful than the better air coolers, which came as a surprise. The Corsair Hydro may well be better.

If building an HTPC I suppose you could go with an ultra-low power cpu and more-or-less ambient cooling, but you’d still need a massive heat sink to make that work. But I love the i7-2600k, so something big is in the picture (or something wet :eek:)