CPU cooler for Gigabyte P35-DQ6

Hi :slight_smile:

I have some questions about a CPU cooler. Because of the stock Intel cooler is loud and not the most efficient available, I’d like to buy a better one.

The mainboard is a Gigabyte P35-DQ6 and the cooler I’d like to buy is the Zalman CNPS9500A or the Zalman CNPS8700.

The CPU is an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (not overclocked at the moment), but I’m planning to buy a quadcore when my wallet will allow me, so buying an “oversized” CPU cooler now I can save money when I’ll get the quadcore. Moreover, an “oversized” cooler is not a bad thing at all, if it keeps the CPU cool :wink:

I have two questions:

[li]Can someone that own the above mainboard say me if the Zalman can be installed? I ask because the chipset passive heatsink is rather big, and based on measures found on Zalman website is not easy to know if the CPU cooler can be installed on the that specific Gigabyte model.
[/li][li]Is the thermal grease provided in the Zalman box good or it is better to buy separately also another brand of thermal paste?

If the Zalman cannot be installed on that mainboard, keeping in mind that the cumbersome chipset heatsink is the main problem and that I’m planning to buy a quadcore in future, can someone suggest a good CPU cooler that can be installed on the Gigabyte P35-DQ6?

Many thanks in advance :flower:

hi geno :slight_smile:
I can’t really help with the issue of fitting, but I can suggest other coolers. IMO zalman is overpriced for the performance they offer and you would get better bang for your buck with either a tuniq tower 120 or an ultra 120/ultra 120 extreme. ATM I think the ultra 120 extreme still holds the title for the best air cooling available but it is also the most expensive of the three and is basically just an ultra 120 with two extra heatpipes. the tuniq and ultra 120 are pretty equal in performance, in most head to head reviews the temp delta is 1-2*c, some reviews put the tuniq on top and others put the ultra on top. both of the ultras come without a fan, but are very versatile since you can run any fan you like, be it a high flow fan or a quieter low/med flow fan, and they will actually accept two fans if you like (one pushing and one pulling). the tuniq comes with a 9-blade fan (vs. standard 7-blade, they say it is quieter and more efficient) and a fan speed controller that allows adjustment from ~900-2000 rpm. I really like what the tuniq did for my AMD, it dropped load temps from 65+ with the stock cooler down to the low 50s :slight_smile: for thermal goo you can’t go wrong with the tried and true AS5, also zalman’s and tuniq’s pastes are very good as well

I believe Dee-27 is running a tuniq on her quad, so perhaps she can post her experiences :cool:

tuniq tower
ultra 120
ultra 120 extreme

Thanks for answers and for links jwill :slight_smile:

Indeed the Tuniq seems one of the most interesting, but it’s huge, and I don’t know if the chipset cooler in the mainboard allow to install it.

With so heavy coolers the mainboard must be installed horizontally?

I have my motherboard mounted vertical like normal and it seems to be fine, I don’t think it is putting enough stress on it to hurt the mobo because it really isn’t as heavy as it looks (although I am very careful whenever I move the case now :eek: ). I’ll try to get some pics of it installed so you can get at least some idea of how much clearance there is :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Although I do not know well the Gigabyte P35-DQ6 I agree with the coolers jwill427 proposed. I could say also the Zalman 9700LED or 9700NT. I do not how these coolers fit or not but I think that this MOBO has a passive cooling system and I do not know if it must be removed in order to put another cooler or if you can put them over the original cooler (push-pull style).

Indeed this mainboard has a backplate that must be removed to install the cooler, but this is not a huge problem. The user manual explain exactly all necessary steps, and I read about many people that removed it with no problems :slight_smile:

@Geno - I’m drooling over that mobo :stuck_out_tongue:

me too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi geno888. Get the Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme. With a med speed 120mm fan no other air cooler will beat it for cooling. if you are going to upgrade to a quad then there is no other choice IMO They look huge but fit quite nicley in most cases. I will put my TRUE up against any other air cooler and right now it is the best cooler available. Zalman is expensive and can’t properly disipate the heat of a quad it just keeps getting hotter.:wink: Nice board by the way.:iagree:

Thanks for the answer crossg :slight_smile:

The Zalman was rather easy to find, but now I’m in searching mode for the Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme :bigsmile:

ok, so I gave it a try and it is just too tight in my case to get decent pictures of the base without pulling the mobo out :frowning:

I can say that there is 7cm from the mobo to the bottom fins, the fins stick out about 5-6cm past the top and bottom of the cpu socket (as you are looking directly down on it), and about 2.5cm past the left and right sides of the cpu socket. the heatpipes only stick out 1-2cm past the cpu socket on the top and bottom and are even with the socket on the sides (again looking strait down at it and only at the base of the fins because the pipes are tapered)

anyway, I hope that makes at least some sense, here are some pics from outside the case and with it standing next to a dvd (and no it is not an 80mm dvd, it just looks like it next to that monster :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you very much for the pics jwill :slight_smile:


no problemo :slight_smile:

:sad: I can’t find the Tuniq nor the Thermalright in local stores :doh:

This one doesn’t ships to Italy :doh:

@jwill427 You had to go and post pictures didn’t you.:stuck_out_tongue: Here is my TRUE. Please no comments about the wires hanging all over.:slight_smile: @geno I am sure someone over here can arrange to get one to you if you can’t find one.:wink: Never mind that I forgot about the 95 k limit

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just posted a thread in the Italian forum, so maybe I can find it here :slight_smile:

very nice, and IDK what you are talking about, that is way better than my wiring job :iagree:
its a little better now that I have a modular psu, but I still have a long way to go

Hehe I had to cut the picture in half. My PSU is at the bottom and it’s a maze of wires.:o

hahaha, I had to cut the top and bottom off, that pic was with my old psu so there was a huge rats nest of wires at the top of the case and a huge mass of IDE/sata/power/fan wires at the bottom :o only the center is somewhat clean for airflow :bigsmile: