CPU/BUFFER graph, wheres it gone?



I cant see the CPU and Buffer graph on either the nero cdspeed on either of my computers, cdspeed version 4.50. In the cd options, standard tests tab, theres a CPU box for selected tests, it’s checked but there is no graph for either the buffer of CPU, what gives? On the one comp it used to be there but now anymore. That comp has a benq 1650 in it. any help please.


In latest version 4.50 is possible to do create disc test in two ways:

  1. like in previous version, from tab “benchmark” selecting menu “Run test” --> Create data disc

  2. From the tab “create disc” like in pic.

Only in method 2 you can see CPU and buffer graph. In method 1 you see only burning graph


doh, i had 4.1 sorry.