CPU and MOBO upgrades

Current’y, I’m still using my old PII 333 machine with 256 SDRAM (PC 133).

I might be getting and new AthlonXP and
a new mother board.

Is is worth to invest in DDR-RAM ? I wanted to use my old 256 SDRAM on the new motherboard but don’t know wheter to choose DDR-RAM and SDRAM.

How much performance difference between DDR and SD RAM? On papers it should be two times ( 100% ) faster because it runs at 266mhz compare to 133 mhz.

Which Athlon XP should I get :
1600+ = RM 295
1700+ = RM 320
1800+ = RM 345
1900+ = RM 380
2000+ = RM 400

I’m going for the MSI K7-Turbo 2 if using my old SDRAM.

If DDR RAM is damn good, I might invest on it and get a MSI KT3 Ultra.

If you are a speed freak why leave the Intel familia =)

If you should get a mobo, DDR mem and a cpu. Check careful what you get from the Intel famila. Couse when speed is the game Intel is there to play

But note that you must increase the your clock speed a bit to make it really fast :slight_smile:

BTW at 3000, my system is stable for only about 10 minutes :frowning:

Originally posted by alexnoe
BTW at 3000, my system is stable for only about 10 minutes :frowning:

Raise your VCore, add some cooling and try again. Maybe your core isn’t capable of that speed…

Back to the topic: depending on your wishes and activities, PC133 may be sufficient. When your computer is only used for surfing, text editting etc etc, a cheap CPU with PC133 memory will do just fine, for the time being and the near future. If you got power-hunger, a faster CPU and faster memory are needed.

I wouldn’t but any PC133 stuff anymore, cause it’s outdated. Ok, I’ve got only one system on DDR (my P4), all the others are still on PC133 but that’s another thing.

My main desktop is a Athlon TB-C 1400 @ 1530 equipped with 768MB PC133 memory. It’s still fast enough to do all desktop tasks, perform video editting on a descent speed and play modern games (ok, that depens on your 3D card as well…).

Maybe I get an 1800 and use SDRAM.
I have to spend another RM 250 to get a DDR 333 256MB and RM 350 for KT 333.

I use my PC for gaming and net surfing.

Gaming needs quite some power… but with an 1800+ and a very fast 3D card (like a GF4Ti) you probably can enjoy all recent games up to about xmas 2003…

@Dee-ehn: Core voltage was at 1,65 instead of 1,50 when trying 3000. Temperature was 56°C when the bsod came (now, at 2900, it is constant at 60°C, with Prime95 running).

I guess that my core can’t do more than 2900.

I don’t know whether the latest mobos can fit into my ATX casing. My casing is a COMPAQ Flexible ATX CAsing with only three bays.

You could have airflow problems with a small case and a high-speed processor, so be sure to keep good airflow in it.
A lot of modern boards exist on micro-ATX format. You could get, say, an ASUS A7N266-VM (nVidia nForce 220D) or a A7V266-C (VIA KT266A).
Edit: That’s for DDR. If going SDRAM, then definitely get an ECS K7S5A / PCChips M830L (or LR). Cheap and faster than the KT266(no A) boards.

Does that means most of the mobos can fit into any micro,mini,medium or full ATX casing?