Cpu 100% copying DVD and CD files to disc

Hi people. Don’t know if anyone had this problem or have already written about this…

This is a laptop and I don't know if it's a windows problem or if it's from my drive. Fist, I have a shit of a drive: QSI SDW-041. I intend to get a new one (a NEC) but for now I have to handle with this one.

 The problem just rarely happens and I can´t solve it. The only way to solve it is to format the pc! But now I can´t do it because my discs are full.

The problem is:
Sometimes a error copying or burning a dvd happens. From that error or the windows explorer or the Nero (I use that) freezes and I have to restart the pc. Since that error happens, when I want to copy a file from any DVD/CD to my pc disc my CPU goes to 100% till the file is copied. On Nero, after the error, when I try to burn any DVD my CPU oscillates between low percentage till high percentage of use (like if it was a earthquake machine oscillator).

From this, passing files to pc is almost impossible (too many time) and also I
can’t burn any discs because it always become errors of burning.

Using XP SP2 English and Nero This happened to me about 8 times in 2 years and old Nero versions done the same too.

Anyone can help me or know what the problem is?



you are experiencing a feature of Windows. If lots of reading errors occur (maybe due to a bad disc), Windows sets the transfer mode from UDMA to the slow PIO mode. There should be some entries about that in the event log.
Reformatting is absolutely not needed, just read this troubleshooting article here.


Hi Michael

Thanks for the help. :bow: And thanks to get me rid from a usefulness day for format the pc! It worked! :bigsmile:


glad you could solve your problem.:clap:
If you like some further reading about this, then have a look at MSKB article #817472