Tru, I dont know a lot about CPRx (well actually nothing really ), are you saying that anyDVD contains CPRx within that program and if so, why when using 1Click does one have to uncheck the Copy protection based on unreadable sectors box within AnyDVD in order to ensure a good or workable copy, surely this presumely is the same technology and there would surely not be a need to do this. Forgive my lack of knowledge on the subject but I’m amazed at the controversy this issue as recently raised within both forums. I do though agree with you that AnyDVD is the best encoder on the planet at the moment bar none. Apart from the obvious, what makes you think companys like Macrovision or Sony want like it, or could do about it if LG has already patented this form of technology. Would be nice to get a response from an LG Rep on this one? :confused:

Good reply by the way…

i would imagine a reply will arrive shortly , tru post indicates anydvd is of like cprx , copy protection removal hence the winky eye on the smiley, as for lg this is a big step up the ladder as tru mentions macrovision and sony may not like this new update or creation from lg only time will tell but remember this isnt a decryptor it just corrects errors so its debatable on both sides , could be a game of snakes and ladders maybe in the dvd market.
im sure there as been a lot of thought put into this by gregory and team…

I wouldn’t recommend that you uncheck this …

unless , of course , you first run into problems .


I assume the technology is working quite similar. I don’t think it is the same.

I don’t know, you should ask LG Innovations. My guess would be, that two parties are trying to do the same thing leading to unpredictable results. But I am no 1-click user, because I avoid products containing product activation as good as I can (if there are alternative programs available). I hate it. It insults the honest buyer. For this reason I would not use 1-click for half the price, or even less. No way. But this is off topic…

CPRx is surely not patented. What gave you this idea? It is just a marketing word.

Both Sony and Macrovision consider their products copy protections, regardless what LGI thinks or says:


Back in the CD times, SafeDisk always “only” had “bad sectors”. But this was surely considered a “copy protection”. :slight_smile:

Both Sony and Macrovision sell these copy protections (as copy protections, by the way :wink: ) to studios. They make (maybe a lot? Check MacroVision on the stock market exchange) of money doing so. So they will likely protect their customers (those who paid money for using RipGuard or Arccos) and come after those who circumvent their protection. It is part of their job.

I applaud LGI to have the balls to add this protection circumvention technology in their products. But why don’t they just do the right thing and crack CSS as well? IMHO it doesn’t matter if you circumvent only half of the protection or all of it.
Imagine: Some discs may only have Arccos/Macrovision protection, but no CSS. (CSS costs additional licensing fees per disc, and since DVDDecrypter, AnyDVD and DVD43 it is useless anyway).
Then 1-click can copy these discs without additional tools. Hmm, could be a little difficult to argue around this.
Anyway, as far as I know LGI is located in Canada and the DMCA doesn’t apply there (yet?), so I don’t understand why they are dancing around this protection removal problem. Either crack the damn thing completely (if it is allowed in your country), or stay out of trouble and rely on 3rd party tools like AnyDVD. But this “CPRx” thing is neither flesh nor fish.

A second though: Maybe LGI does not want that AnyDVD continues to work with their products? So less people would recommend AnyDVD, less people visit the SlySoft website, less people buy elby CloneDVD2 instead (which has no product activation, can split discs and copies any movie on this planet without problem together with AnyDVD, and costs - together with AnyDVD as a bundle - half the price of 1click pro).

Then it’s possible the drive manufacturer hasn’t switched the CPRM function on, you can make a copy OF the copy ?
It’s also strange some times, the software seems able to switch-off the CPRM function…

btw. where does CPRx stand for, i do know, that CPRM is just a flag/tag on the pressed/recordable media, and isn’t a change or disruption of the disc structure/disc file system…

[B]TRU[/B] … some interesting posts :slight_smile:

I burned a copy of Narnia and I have also burned a copy from the copy.

I am assuming CPRx stands for copy protection removal. :slight_smile:

I guess it stands for “hot air” because missing sectors has nothing to do with the CPPM or CPRM protection

Yeah, because CPRM/CPPM is still a mistery for some people,
the copy prog. software people fool these people with their “magic” software , while when you have a non CPRM compatible drive, you don’t even notice a CPPM/CPRM protection, best would be to boycot the CPRM drives, because the danger is, (next step) that they will produce discs that ONLY PLAY on a CPRM compatible pc-drive or standalone,
so you will totaly dependant on the drive’s firmware or installed software you have, to be able to copy anything…
The content provider only have to set the CPRM/CPPM flag/tag to protect it’s content (software or video)

Thank you for that answer , also on plus media i guess ?

My understanding is that CPRx corrects for bad sectors put on disks. I’m sure LGSI won’t put in any copy protection removal into 1 Click because of the possible and probable legal problems it would cause. Does it work?? From what I’ve seen in posts by those far more knowledgable than myself, not as well as expected. But time will tell…

I too did not have any problems with Narnia, but I ripped to my HD first with the AnyDVD ripper.

You mean “intentionally bad sectors” put there by this


or this


copy protection?

Of course they put copy protection removal in their programs. They just don’t admit it. :wink:

Sorry, I was not thinking when I wrote. I knew it was for correcting bad sectors. Made a quick post and did not review what I wrote. :o

Yes, it was on plus media.

You could do a test, use minus media, and if you can’t make a copy of the copy on plus media later on, there’s a hidden CPRM function, the CPRM flag/tag “fits” only on minus recordable media, but ALL pressed media can have a CPPM flag/tag, i guess it’s the same protection sceme they are going to use on HD-DVD and BlueRay hardware, only ALL this type of hardware will have this DRM build-in, and you can’t choose for different types of recordable media… :frowning:

a content provider (pressed DVD) will not put in any bad sectors, because i guess this will also be read as bad sectors on standalone livingroom dvd-players, you should not confuse this… this could be DRM=CPPM/CPRM
i guess a bad sector is a scratch/fingerprint on your disc…

Could you explain this then>

ARccOS is an encryption system developed by Sony used on some DVDs. Designed as an additional form of copy protection, it is used in conjunction with Content-scrambling system (CSS). The system deliberately creates a number of sectors on the DVD with corrupted data that causes DVD copying software to produce errors. Normal DVD players do not ever read these sectors since they follow a set of instructions encoded on the disc telling them skip it. Less sophisticated DVD ripping programs do not follow these instructions but try to read every sector on the disk sequentially, including the bad ones.

:wink: :cool:

Well, i saw “the Chronicals Of Narnia” listed as a such protected movie, while i, and several other people could easily copy this one, and it seems like it’s pc drive related, and that’s a typical CPRM “feature”, PlextoolsProXL reports indeed a CPRM protection on this disc and has no problem reading it.
You should also realize any drive/burner manufactor, that suplies its own software with the drive, could also switch off the CPRM mechanism in the firmware of the drive…
the CPRM mechanism is not requiered by law, so why putt it there in the first place ??? just because one simple flag/tag can activate it ? a old, non compatible CPRM drive will solve this problem…

You seem completely sold on the CPRM on media that triggers it to activate?
Hardware related triggered by minus media?
So you don’t think it has anything to do with DVD authoring or structure, and that programs like AnyDVD, 1Click, or re-authoring/editing progs would only work if the drives do not have the CPRM activated?
I would think that as fast as any type of anti-copying strategy was developed, there would be a work-around or bypass developed to counter it. :slight_smile:

Most protections, are on the disc, and are the same on each disc, CPRM/CPPM is in the drive , and how should this function be switched of with all those different brands ?
when CPRM/CPPM flag/tag is detected, your drive just shuts down, and will be active again after inserting another non tagged disc…